In this post we will write a python program that finds an element’s index or position in a tuple.
Before writing the program let’s understand what is a Tuple.

A Tuple in Python is depicted through round brackets/parenthesis and can be created by comma separated elements inside parenthesis. Tuples are immutable. It means you can’t change elements of a Tuple.

Example of Tuple:

() – Empty Tuple
(3,4,5) – Tuple of Integers
(‘q’,’w’,’e’,’r’,’t’,’y’) – Tuple of Characters

The below simple code creates and prints the Tuple.

myTuple = ('Q','W','E','R','T','Y')

Now Let’s write the program to find an element’s index or position.

myTuple = ('p','y','t','h','o','n')
char = input("Enter a single character from the string : ")
if char in myTuple:
  count = 0
  for elem in myTuple:
    if elem != char:
      count += 1
  print(char,"is at index",count,"in",myTuple)
  print(char,"is not in",myTuple)


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