In this article I have cloned a project from Git and created a branch called feature/ticket2 in local. After required changes in feature/ticket2 branch pushed the changes to github.

Then you can see the feature/ticket2 branch pushed to github. and you can merge the feature/ticket2 branch with master branch.

Please follow the below steps and execute commands.
Step 1: Clone the project.
           Open cmd & go to your project folder where you want to clone the project.
cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs.

Now run the below command.

git clone

Step 2: Run the below command to see how many branches are there. This step is optional.

git branch

step 3: create a new branch & make your code changes in that branch.

git checkout -b feature/ticket2

        Switched to a new branch ‘feature/ticket2’
Step 4: Then you can change the code in your files. To see what files got changed/updated you can see using below command.

git status   

It will show you which files has been modified as below. 

modified:  hello.txt
Step 6: then you have to add the modified files using below command.

git add hello.txt

Step 7: After adding the files, you need to commit the changes. It’s a good practice to ticket number in commit message in [].  

git commit -m “[ticket2] committing the string changes”     

The text in “” is the commit message for reference. 

Step 8: Now you can check the status by 

git status 

Step 9: Now push the file to Github 

git push origin feature/ticket2

Step 10: Now open github.

Open your repository which you have cloned. Then go to  

       Pull requests->New Pull Requests.       

  Choose base & compare branch. 

     Then create pull Request->Merge pull Request. 

     Now you can check that the master branch is updated with latest code.

I hope you will like this post. If you have any questions please post in comments sections.

Happy Blogging!!