In this program we will add two integers. If you have basic knowledge in any programming language, you can do this.

Follow the below simple steps.

Step 1: You can write the following code in any python editor such as IDLE.
          print(‘sum of 2 numbers is’,sum)
Step 2: Press enter key in & you will get the output
The output will be
          sum of 2 numbers is 25

Code Explanation

: Line 1: a=12
                         Here a is a variable & 12 is stored in variable a
             Line 2: b=13
                         Here b is a variable & 13 is stored in variable b
             Line 3: sum=a+b
                         sum is a variable & the value of variable a & b is added & stored in sum variable.
             Line 4: print(‘sum of 2 numbers is’,sum)
                         The print() prints the output to screen .Here it prints sum variable.