When i was trying to start Apache in MAMP I got the error like Apache couldn’t be started because Port 8888 is in use by some other software. It was weird because I have not made any changes and it’s showing error.
I had to free the port 8888 and I tried so many ways but none of the way worked. Then later I opened Activity Monitor and killed httpd and mysqld process that was running and got the fix .

I followed below steps to fix this issue.

1. Open activity monitor in your system
2. search for mysqld & end the process.
3. search for httpd . There will be number of httpd services running. End all httpd process.
4. It will work.
5. Now start mamp.

After following the above steps if you are still getting the error, please restart MAMP and try again. The error will be resolved.
I hope this post will help you a lot . Happy Blogging!