Python Installation is very very easy and you can install it in 2-3 steps only.
Please go through below steps and let us know the issue you are facing in comment section and we will try to fix your issue.

Step 1. Go to official site of python and click on Downloads.
You will be able to see the latest python version to download. Current version is 3.8.3. So click on “Python 3.8.3” and python-3.8.3.exe file will be downloaded.
Step 2. After download completes, Click on the exe file to run it.Now you will be able to see the below screen.

Step 3: Click on Install Now.

Step 4: Python installation is in progress and you can see the setup in progress as below .

Step 5: Now the Installation is completed and you can see that the setup was successful in the below image.

Step 6: The setup has been completed and you can click on Close.

Step 7 : Now search IDLE in status bar and click on IDLE to start writing python program.
IDLE will look like as below.

STep 8: Now let’s write a simple program to print some text in screen.

Step 9: After writing the code
print(“Welcome to the world of Python”)
Only press the enter key and you will be able to see the below output.
Welcome to the world of Python

Step 10: Now you can save the file as python files.

Python is so easy to learn. So Enjoy Python coding.
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