Here we will create one student table & will insert 1000 dummy records using laravel Faker Factory.It’s really interesting. To this we will create a migration file that will create student table along with fake records.
The columns of table are:

Steps to do this is as below:

1. Go to cmd & type the following command  

     php artisan make:migration  students

2. It will create a migration file named as students followed by timestamp as follows.     
     Created Migration: 2018_10_10_125059_students

3. Then Go to database->migrations in applications & you will find this migration file name.   Open that file & edit the up() as belows.

    public function up()
        Schema::create('students', function (Blueprint $table) {
        $faker = Faker\Factory::create();
        $limit = 1000;
        for ($i = 0; $i < $limit; $i++) {
            DB::table('students')->insert([ //,
                'name' => $faker->name,
                'email' => $faker->unique()->email,
                'contact_number' => $faker->phoneNumber,
                'address' => $faker->address,
Note: $limit: no of records to insert in table
          $faker = Faker\Factory::create(); creates an instance of Faker factory
          $faker->name creates a faker name
          $faker->unique()->email creates a fake unique email address,
          $faker->phoneNumber creates a fake Phone Number
          $faker->address creates a fake address

4. Save the file & go to cmd & type the following command     

   php artisan migrate   

 it will show the output as follows in cmd.

Migrating: 2018_10_10_125217_create_students_table

Migrated:  2018_10_10_125217_create_students_table

5. Then Go to localhost/phpmyadmin. Check your database. One table named students is created with dummy 1000 records.