In this Article we will discuss as below.

  • What is Dictionary in Python.
  • How to create a Dictionary.
  • How to access elements of a Dictionary.
  • How to Print Dictionary Keys.

What is Dictionary?

Python Dictionaries are collection of key-value pairs and it’s represented in curlybraces {} .

How to create a Dictionary?

To create a Dictionary , we need to include key:value pairs in curly braces as below
<dictionary-name> = {<key1>:<value1>,<key2>:<value2>,<key3>:<value3>…………..}
capitals = {“India”:”New Delhi”, “Australia”:”Canberra”, “Chile”:”Santiago”,”Fiji”:”Suava”}
capitals is the name of dictionary that stores the name of the country as Keys and their capital as values of respective keys.

How to access elements of a Dictionary?

In Dictionary, the elements can be accessed through keys defined in key:value pairs as below.
<dictionary-name>[ <key> ]
So to access the value for key defined as “India” in above capitals dictionary, we need to write
and it will give output as New Delhi.

How to Print Dictionary Keys

You can print all keys of a dictionary as
It will give output as dict_keys([‘India’, ‘Australia’, ‘Chile’, ‘Fiji’])
To print specific key of a dictionary you need to specify the keyname with dictionary as below
It will give output as Canberra.

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