In this article, I have cloned one project from Git , created one branch called feature/ticket2 in local, made some changes in ticket2 branch and then pushed to github.

After that you can see the ticket2 branch pushed to github. Then you can merge the ticket2 branch to master branch.

Please follow the below steps .

Step1: Clone the project.
            Open cmd & go to your project folder where you want to clone the project.
cd /Applications/MAMP/htdocs.

Now run the below command.

git clone

Step 2: Run the below command to see how many branches are there.

git branch

step 3: create new branch & change your code in that branch.

git checkout -b feature/ticket2

        Switched to a new branch ‘feature/ticket2’
Step 4: Then you can change the code in your files. To see what files got changed/updated you can see using below command.

git status   

It will show you which files has been modified as follows. 

modified:  hello.txt
Step 6: then you have to add the modified files be below command.

git add hello.txt

Step 7: After adding the files, you need to commit the file.       

git commit -m “committed ticket2”     

The text in “” is the commit message for reference. 

Step 8: Now you can check the status by 

git status 

Step 9: Now push the file to Github 

git push origin feature/ticket2

Step 10: Now open github.

Open your repository which you have cloned. Then go to  

       Pull requests->New Pull Requests.       

  Choose base & compare branch. 

     Then create pull Request->Merge pull Request. 

     Now you can check that the master branch is updated with latest code.

Happy Blogging!!